Proper guide to using Humidifier

Proper guide to using Humidifier

Proper guide to using Humidifier

At home, is your air too dry? Follow our advice to restore a sufficiently high humidity!

Why use a humidifier?

A dry air is good neither for you nor for your children or for your home. It promotes diseases of the respiratory tract, dry skin, mucous membranes, plants and furniture. This is why your best interest to use a humidifier to improve the quality of your air. Consider that the air is too dry when the humidity is below 50%. This rate is ideal when it is situated between 50 and 60%. To measure it, you can use a humidity sensor or sensor directly integrated with your humidifier.

When use a humidifier?

Use a humidifier is recommended especially in winter when heating is in full swing. But its use does not exempt a golden rule: regularly ventilate the house, if possible outside pollution peaks. Some models show the humidity of the room and operated until recovery of a suitable rate. Want to refresh your children’s room? Install a baby special model in the room, you leave running overnight.

Where install the device?

To properly install your humidifier, we recommend that you observe the following rules:

1. Place the appliance in the middle of the room to obtain a better distribution of steam,
2. Do not place the unit too close to a wall or cabinet, moisture may damage it,
3. Do not place the unit near a heat source (radiator).

How to maintain it?

To take care of your device, we invite you to follow these tips:

1. Use only tap water, filtered if necessary with a carafe
2. Rinse the tank at least once a day to ensure hygiene
3. Empty the water and dry if you do not use it
4. Replace the anti-scale filter according to the recommendations in your operating instructions.


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