Air humidifiers are very useful for three reasons: improving your health and that of your offspring, saving energy and preserving your wooden furniture.

Air Humidifier and Health

Your health is undermined in a too dry atmosphere. The first observed effect is dehydration. Of course, you can drink liters of water to compensate, but you will agree that it is not very practical! Dry skin is a scourge for the elasticity of your skin: yes, you are warm, but your skin is peeling, pulling, and you look like your great-great aunt! In addition, your eyes are irritated, your nose is running and you have a headache! To remedy these problems, it is best to opt for several humidifiers that you will place in the rooms you occupy most often: bedroom, living room, office.
And your toddlers in all this! They too are entitled to a healthier environment! Choosing a humidifier for infants is often a dilemma: either you opt for a cold steamer or the problem of the proliferation of bacteria arises. If the device is not emptied systematically after each use And properly cleaned; Either you prefer a hot steam humidifier and you have to face the risk of burns … Rest assured, humidifier manufacturers have thought of everything!
Be aware that the most suitable system for children is hot steam for hygienic reasons (no bacteria) and time saving (the chore of frequent cleaning of the appliance is over). Indeed, the heating element of humidifiers hot new generation steam is hidden inside the device for added safety. The opening system is protected by various tabs difficult to foil even by the most insightful of toddlers! Simply make the power cord of the unit inaccessible.

Air Humidifier and Energy Saving

As bizarre as it may seem, know that dry air gives the impression of a cooler atmosphere than when the air is well moistened. Thus, if you heat your room at 19 ° and the relative humidity is 40%, you will be as warm as if the temperature was 22 ° with a relative humidity of 20%!

Air Humidifier and Furniture Storage

A low humidity level wreaks havoc on wood products. Too dry air can cause cracks and damage furniture, white wooden floors and musical instruments (pianos, violins, guitars). Buy a humidifier if you do not want them to deteriorate too quickly.

Air humidifiers and allergies

According to a study dating from 2009, nearly 20% of the French population is affected by allergies. Most of these allergens are airborne and come from substances that are often found in warm, dry interiors such as dust mites … It’s a little scary, especially if you spend most of your days indoors (office, House). You may wonder how a humidifier can be useful in case of allergies? Simply by helping to keep the nasal walls moist and, therefore, by facilitating breathing. Keeping the nasal passages moist is especially important during the winter when the temperature drops. Dry nasal cavities promote allergies and irritations. Easier said than done because it is a vicious circle: the temperature drops, you increase the thermostat of your heating, and you reduce the natural humidity of the air of your housing and your nose … To you Allergies, respiratory problems and doctor’s appointment! At the height of winter, do not hesitate to couple the use of a humidifier with an air purifier.
Humidifiers equipped with a hygrometer effectively control the humidity of a room. You will be able to choose the place where its use is most adapted.


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